Meet the cast

Buddy Thunderstruck

This snaggle-toothed dog embodies everything you would expect of Greasepit’s fastest semi-truck racer. He’s a wizard on the shifter... At the wheel he’s a wonder... Heck, racing just comes easy to him, which is why he’s number one. Buddy’s also number one at a bunch of other things — talking smooth, being awesome, eating jerky and getting in (and out of) trouble. As Greasepit’s local celebrity, everyone knows him. He eats for free wherever he goes. Fans follow him around, hoping for a photo, autograph or a discarded piece of trash. Buddy loves all the attention, and all of his fans. He’s all swagger and charm – a true good ol’ boy.

Darnell Fetzervalve

Darnell is Buddy’s best friend, mechanic and biggest fan. This albino ferret is a mechanical genius and Buddy’s secret weapon to winning races. Not one for the limelight, Darnell is content with letting Buddy grab all the glory. Darnell is the sweetest guy in the world, but his mouth can sometimes rub people the wrong way. It’s OK though, Buddy understands him and that’s all that matters.

The Rabble Rouser

Yes, it’s an inanimate object. No it doesn’t talk. But the Rabble Rouser, Buddy’s race truck, is as much an important inhabitant of Greasepit as anyone else. The Rabble Rouser has a homegrown, backyard-garage vibe about it, which makes sense since Darnell built the Rouser from scratch himself. When Buddy’s behind the wheel, he can make the Rabble Rouser do ANYTHING he wants. Jump a 50-foot canyon? Done. Hop sideways and drive around on two wheels? Done. Do a backlip and land on the bed of a moving train? You already know the answer.

Muncie Thunderstruck

Sheriff Cannonball

Deputy Hoisenberry

Tex Aarkana Jr.


Jacko Valltrades

Mr. Weaselbrat

Belvedere Moneybags

Nick The New Guy

Big Tex

The Beavers



Handsome Joe

Mrs. Weaselbrat

Really Old Lady

Roby Burgles

Mama Possum